Origin of Our Products 

Definition of Yunohana
Yunohana collectively refers to the minerals that are precipitated in the hot springs, but only that of Beitou in Taiwan and Tamagawa Hot Spring in the Akita Prefecture of Japan contains the trace element, radium, that forms hokutolite. Hot spring water continuously brings radium-containing minerals from underground to the surface. A large amount of sulfur contained in the spring water causes the river to be blocked and downstream water sources to be contaminated. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the river channels at intervals to remove the yunohana and sulfur. 

Mr. Takahashi & Yunohana
Born into a wealthy family in Akita, Dr. Takahashi worked for a nuclear power facility in the neighborhood. Dr. Takahashi knew how Tamagawa Hot Spring benefited local people’s health and that the value of hokutolite was a special natural monument for local people. After studying for many years, Dr. Takahashi finally made sulfur and other toxins removed from yunohana. The hokutolite powder, after being successfully separated from yunohana, is made into yunohana hokutolite through the processes of ceramization and scientific examination, with the similarity of up to 99% with the natural hokutolite.

Our Products
Familiar with the benefits of yunohana hokutolite, Dr. Takahashi successively invented products beneficial to human health. Among the many products, Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa has improved the hypothermia phenomenon caused by the lack of exercise in modern people’s life and has become a fad. Our products cover various aspects, including food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and amusement and are categorized into five series, namely health, bathing, beauty, slenderness, and energy boutique series.

Features of Yunohana products
     ●  Each Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa product is made of yunohana hokutolite.
     ●  Our products are designed to increase and keep body temperature.   
     ●  Our products are made for one to experience. 
     ●  Our products are semi-permanent products.    

Customers are highly satisfied.
Energy is invisible and intangible, but it is perceivable. After using Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa’s products, our clients will fall in love with them and keep sharing them with their friends, which is the continuous source of our business.


 Introduction of Hokutolite 

Beitou Boats Stones Named Hokutolite
The Xinbeitou Geothermal Valley (formerly Hell Valley) is located in the tropical southwestern tip of the Tatun Volcanoes in northern Taiwan. The origin of the 98°C hot spring is on the right side of the hot water pool, about 200 meters downstream from which a mineral containing radium called hokutolite deposits.

A Japanese technician, Mr. Okamoto Yohachiro, discovered a special mineral in Geothermal Valley hot springs in 1905. The main components were barite, namely barium sulfate (BaSo4) and lead sulfate (PbSo4). As this ore was discovered for the first time, it was named after the origin, hokutolite.

Formation of Hokutolite
Hokutolite is a dense crystal of minerals in hot springs (yunohana) that have accumulated over a hundred years. Hokutolite is formed by the formation of yellow and white husks on the gravel of riverbeds.

Important Papers on Hokutolite 
Former President of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan, Dr. Lee Yuan-Tseh, completed his master’s thesis on hokutolite at National Tsing Hua University in 1961. Lee’s these is of great academic value and sets a role model for students.

  Brand story

Origin of Bedrock Stone Spa
More than three hundred years ago, Japanese hunters accidentally found that animals healed their wounds and recovered their physical strength after injuries by lying on the stones by the hot springs. The locals followed animal instinct to lie on warm stones and immediately started to sweat a lot, which became a local peculiar scene. The locals refer to the place as a dry bath area and this warming method as a dry bath or a dry hot spring.

Recommendation from 12 Doctors of Medicine
In 1997, some woman was seriously ill and diagnosed by her doctor to have only half a year left. Encouraged by her family, the woman went to Tamagawa Hot Spring to heal her illness. Surprisingly, she was totally recovered after six months. This miracle aroused the interest of hundreds of doctors from nearby medical universities in studying the mysteries of Tamagawa Hot Spring. Among them, 12 had received the distinguished honor of Doctor of Medicine, which indirectly proved that Tamagawa Hot Spring was able to heal some serious diseases. After the news was reported by the media, people from everywhere swarmed to Tamagawa Hot Spring to heal their diseases, which made Tamagawa overcrowded and patients had to make reservations at least one year in advance.

The Establishment of Yunohana Headquarter
Dr. Takahashi felt patients’ inconvenience as they needed to travel far away from home if they failed to reserve hotel accommodation. Based on the Tamagawa dry bath area and hot spring, Dr. Takahashi’s first hotel was set up to provide a dry bath area and hot spring. The hotel also served light meals made of local ingredients and sold goods and souvenirs made by yunohana, which was the earliest model of Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa.

​Inheritance and Development
Recognizing the concerted efforts of the staff of Bio-Stem Co., Ltd, Dr. Takahashi transferred the business to Bio-Stem Co., Ltd in Taiwan in 2010 and began to license agents in various regions of the world. Signing the contract with Dr. Takahashi in 2012, Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa formally established its brand in 2015. Along with Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa’s dedication to spreading happiness and connecting the world to establish a flourishing business, the ten years’ testimony and experience created a new totem trademark of Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa. The new trademark is designed based on Taiwan’s hokutolite as the argument, happiness of warmth as the starting point, gratitude and dedication as the attitude, the nation’s health and wealth as the goal. Hopefully, the new trademark will be introduced to the whole world.

  Development History

1994   Established, engaged in the medical equipment and beauty health preservation equipment
2002    Entered the field of bio-technical 
    And acted as an agent for stem cell-related and molecular biology related products
2005    Cooperated with Japan Yunohana Co., Ltd. and entered the health-preservation market
2007    Nanjing Experience Center opened in Taipei
2008     Tazhi Experience Center opened in Taipei
2009     Licensed Reflection Co.; Malaysia agent. 
     Penang Store opened
2010     Licensed Reflection Co.; Brunei agent.
     Brunei Store, opened
     Set up Yunohana Bathhouse at Evergreen Phoenix Hotel in Jiaoxi
     Japanese business moved to Taiwan
2012     First franchise store in Taichung opened
2013     Stationed at Alishan Hotel in Taiwan 
     First franchise store in Kaohsiung opened
2014     Licensed Kangli Company in Singapore
     Singapore Experience Center opened 
     Stationed at Fuli Hot Spring Resort in Nantou
2015    Licensed Ausheng Company in Hong Kong 
     Dion Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa in Lai Chi Kok opened
     Taichung direct store opened 
2016    Yanji Franchise Store opened in Taipei
     Abi Franchise Store opened in Hong Kong
     Kwun Tong Store opened in Hong Kong
2017    Causeway Bay Store opened in Hong Kong
     Officially entered Beijing, China
2018    Stationed in Qingdao, Chongqing, Macau, Shanghai and Indonesia