Q1:How do I know if opening a franchise is suitable for me?

A:Before joining, we will invite you to do a simple self-assessment, show you around our store to understand the business environment and mode, and experience Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa course, after which you may assess whether it is appropriate to set up Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa franchise.

Q2:Can I join without the experience of operating a related industry?

A:Yunohana has a complete franchise counseling and education program that allows you to quickly replicate our successful business model.

Q3:Do we need to have a franchise shop ready? How big does a shopfront have to be?

A:Franchisees need to prepare their own shop front with at least 132.232 square meters. We will evaluate whether your shop front is appropriate.

Q4:How long does it take from applying for joining to the trial operation?

A:It takes about 45 days after signing up.

Q5:I am running a store at present. Can I still cooperate with Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa without franchise? 

A:Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa has many successful cooperation models in various industries such as beauty spas, health groups, medical beauty groups, Chinese medicine groups, five-star hotels, nursing care centers, home construction cases, artifact groups, etc. Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa will recommend suitable cooperation programs based on your industry sector. You are welcome to call us and our coordinators will give you a comprehensive introduction and service.