Branded advantages

Best quality

  • All products are made by the process of Japan Tamagawa Hot Spring Yunohana
  • Japan certificate of origin
  • Japan import declaration
  • Japan certificate of Negative Ion Association
  • $20 million product liability insurance

 Professional team 

  • All products come with Taiwan and Japan setup technical guidance
  • Professional after sale service (servicing, maintenance, counseling)
  • Professional education and training
  • Professional art design
  • Marketing management coaching
  • Exclusive courses on hand techniques

 Numerous products

  • Up to dozens of Yunohana hokutolite products
  • Home bathing, home beauty, home slenderness, home health, energy boutique series
  • Hokutolite products are continuously developed every year 

 Scientific inspection

  • Hokutolite and yunohana hokutolite identification test report
  • ITRI far-infrared ceramic ball inspection report
  • SGS negative ion detection certificate

Resource Integration

  • Brand marketing, art design, advertising materials, Internet marketing
  • Exposure on websites, magazines, media, and exhibitions
  • Expert of the national treasure, hokutolite, Professor Chen Jialin
  • Recommendation from hot spring specialist, Yang Lifang

Internation Brand

  • Stationed in five-star hotels - Evergreen Hotel, Alishan Hotel, Zhuoli Hot Spring Resort
  • Popular with well-known clinics - Younglize Clinic, Zen Heart Chinese Medicine Group, etc.
  • International brands - Japan, Taiwan, United States, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, etc.
  • Popular with celebrities - well-known supermodels, hosts, artists, etc.

  Advantages of Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa

1. The authentic birthplace of hokutolite bedrock stone spa in Japan

2. The only unique and exclusive hokutolite in Taiwan

3. An international brand that will go global

4. Product durability proved by safety tests

5. Customers’ high sensation of the best five effects.

6. Small investment, big profit. Comprehensive return plan

7. Diverse peripheral products to expand business opportunities

8. Comprehensive coaching team to back up your career

  R&D advantages

● Best quality (quality guaranteed by the certificate of origin)

● Scientific inspection (three major energy safety inspection and certification)

● Technical cooperation between Taiwan and Japan with a professional R & D team

● Advanced health regimen (energy + warmth, regulation from the inside out)

● Lazy sports (40 minutes bedrock stone spa equals 30 km jogging)

►►Common Sense on Yunohana
Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa is made of three kinds of ores with high concentration of negative ions, infrared rays and the unique ore, "yunohana hokutolite". It contains abundant trace elements necessary for the human body but are not easily accessible in daily life. Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa is a method combining warmth and energy that are transmitted to the body to initiate the full body loop. A 40-minute bedrock stone spa is equal to a 30 km jogging!