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  Concept store

(Four Beds)

 Brand store

(Six Beds)

Image store

(Eight Beds)

132 square meters

more than 132 square meters

more than 198 square meters

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  Franchise Niche

Shop planning Marketing resources Art Design & Advertising Materials

Business space and moving lines
Lighting and atmosphere creation 
Professional instrument installation technology
Professional instrument installation construction

Store brand image

Exposure on the official website
FB fan page
Blogger promotion
Irregular exposure on media and magazines

Advertising signboards, poster designs,
advertising designs, propaganda designs,
In-store big pictures and brand image advertising videos 
Training and Education Course Skills (for large programs) Business Coaching

Manager training, professional concept of bedrock,
bedrock stone spa service procedures,
bedrock stone spa professional sales pitches, 
bedrock stone spa course, crisis management
professional product concept, sales conclusion skills

Exclusive skill teaching
(Japan True Heat, breath regulation face-shaping therapy, 
Tamagawa lymph flow therapy, Angel Soothing, etc.)

Marketing activities, brand image, product display,
course product packages, festival planning,
customer relationship maintenance,
appointed stores, alliances with different industries

Maintenance Headquarters Products Business Supplies

Sliding track correction, heater function detection, 
hydraulic rod detection, ultraviolet sterilization,
dome leather care, cycle motor detection
inlet and outlet water-division pipe clean,
filter cleaning, replacing water in the heater,
energy detection, bed temperature detection,
temperature controller detection

Mini stone disk, energy foot bath, 
Tamagawa hot spring bed, , 
Yunohana Water Spirit,
Tamagawa Holy Water, Beauty Mask   
Triple Beauty Muscle Reactivation Shower Head
Consignment of products worth NT$500,000
(beauty, energy accessories, self-cultivation, lightness, bathing etc.)

Special towels (for beds in the dome 
and bath area as well as small towels)leather care, 
Men's and women's bathrobes and staff uniforms

System Instrument Headquarter Provides Opening Stores  
POS system,
Negative ion machine (professional energy detection equipment)
1. Flowers
2. Giveaways for opening activities (50 sets)
3. Invitation cards and opening flyer design
4. At least 2 support staff from the headquarter