Franchise Preface

● High-end health regimen using the gift of the earth, "yunohana" 

     Create the two things people care about most ─ "health" and "wealth" in the simplest way.

Create the simplest career opportunities

     Provide customers with high-end health regimen to gain health and wealth simultaneously.

Create the simplest health method

     The questing rule of a healthy life is to keep our thoughts and behavior in constant contact with good environment and things (products).

● Give happiness to others with gratitude and devotion

     As soon as you decide to make health a life business, we will become the most trusted partner to each other.
     As soon as you decide to make health a life career, we will bring more happiness to the society.

  Franchise Requirements

1. Franchisees must agree with Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa business philosophy and have entrepreneurial enthusiasm, willing to cooperate with the headquarter.

2. All operations related processes and specifications must be conducted in accordance with the headquarter specifications and maintain brand consistency.

3. Franchisees must set up a company and have a performance security deposit of NT$500,000 ready.

4. Franchisees must be above 20 years old, healthy, of either gender, and have high school degree or above and good credit.

5. The shopfront must be more than 132.232 square meters and the contract term must be 5 years or more. Franchisees must be assessed and confirmed by the headquarter before running the business.

6. Franchisees are required to work full-time or to be high-quality store managers who can devote themselves to business and participate in education training and assessment.

  Franchise Process